Art no: 2240


Art no: 2240

The LogiCO2 Scout – Low cost, pocket-sized and measure CO2 remotely. The revolutionary LogiCO2-Scout pocket-sized CO2-detector can be rolled into a basement or other risk area. The Scout will indicate if there is a dangerous concentration in the area. This way nobody need to enter the risk area and risking their own health.

The Scout is operated by a smartphone App and connects wireless using Bluetooth. The Scout App is available for free on both Android Play and IOS Appstore. This personal safety device helps, technicians and safety personnel like firefighters and many others to receive information within seconds about the level of CO2 in a room. If the CO2 concentration is above the threshold the Scout warns the user visually, by sound and vibration.

This portable unit provides a previously unequaled mobility and flexibility and can help service personnel to quickly find leaks in a CO2 system, which otherwise could be both costly and dangerous to health. Free app is available for both Android and Apple IOS where the measured CO2 level is clearly displayed.

LogiCO2 has applied sophisticated technology but made it both simple and logical.
The LogiCO2-Scout is the logical choice when deciding which Personal CO2 detector to use. It simply can be a life saver.

The LogiCO2 Scout features:

  • Choice of Regional Default Alarm thresholds
  • Choice of active alarm limits
  • Regional settings (French or English App depending on Smartphone settings)
  • Lost-detector-Alarm
  • Very high audio Alarm from Cell phone Speaker or Earpiece
  • Optional vibrating- or Sound Alarm
  • Data log export function
  • Altitude compensation
  • Competitive Price
  • Data display on Smartphone device, both Android and IOS
  • Pilot Ball accessory for Safe control
  • Soft leather Belt Pouch Cover Belt Clip
  • Instant CO2 concentration in PPM and %
  • TWA-Alarm at Time Weighted Average > 5000 PPM
  • Low Alarm at instant CO2 concentration > 1,5 %
  • High Alarm at instant CO2 concentration > 3 %
  • Easy Self Calibration
  • Free Application software updates
  • Easy USB-recharging

What is in the package?
A compressible foam ball with carrying case, a leather carrying pouch with belt holder, a USB charger cable. Please observe the Phone device is not included in the price.

Technical Specifications LogiCO2 Scout
Operating Principle:
Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Measurement range:
0-6% volume CO2
Battery information
Li-Ion 3,6V, 1150mAh
Operating time:
Approx. 12h
With a USB - Micro USB cableto a normal smartphone charger
Charging time:
Approx. 2,5h
LED indications
Operation, no connected smartphone
Bluetooth communication with smartphone
Red, blinking:
Battery charging, shown together with green or blue indication.
Warning levels:
Awareness indication at instant CO2 concentration 5.000 ppm
Low Alarm at instant CO2 concentration 1,5 %
High Alarm at instant CO2 concentration 3 %
TWA alarm at CO2 Time Weighted Average 5.000 ppm
75 g / 2.65 oz
Dimension (HxWxD):
90.6 x 57.1 x 20mm / 3.6” x 2.2” x 0.8”
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