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LogiCO2 sensing Technology

All LogiCO2 CO2 detectors use Non-Dispersive Infrared analysis to detect the concentration of Carbon Dioxide or CO2 in the air. The LogiCO2 NDIR sensing technology is reliable and is not subject to drift found in air quality sensors since we use a patented self-calibration method, that we have long term experience with.

NDIR to measure the CO2 concentration

NDIR technique relies on the fact that molecules absorb light at spectral regions where the radiated wavelength coincides with internal molecular energy levels. In accordance to well-known quantum mechanical theory in physical chemistry such energy resonances exist in the mid-infrared spectral region due to interatomic vibrations. Since different molecules are formed by different atoms (with different masses) the vibrational resonance frequencies (and wavelengths) are different for every substance. By detecting the amount of absorbing light, within just a small spectral region that coincides with the resonance wavelength of CO2, one gets a measure of the number of molecules of this particular substance, free from interference of other substances.