The best System for draught beer applications to protect your guests and staff from over exposure of CO2

The LogiCO2 Safety System can monitor four alarm levels ensuring that all the latest local and national safety codes concerning CO2 exposure are not exceeded. If Nitrogen is being used, an LogiCO2 Mk9 O2 detector can be added to the System to protect staff and guests from Nitrogen-leaks.
Both the CO2 and O2 sensors have an automatic self-calibration function, ensuring correct measurements and safety. As well as altitude compensation which makes sure that the sensors are measuring correctly at high altitudes.

CO2 and N2 risks in bars

CO2 and N2 leaks can occur both at the CO2 and N2 tank, cylinder or N2 generator, as well as on the other end of the line at the kegs. Enclosed spaces will quickly fill up with CO2 and be fatal for guests and employees. CO2 is heavier than air and will therefore fill up in below grade environments which are difficult to ventilate. When you run out of CO2, a person will be sent to see what’s wrong or to change the CO2 cylinder. Since CO2 is color and odorless, an alarm system should be installed to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Gas detection as a cost saver

As well as insuring safety, the system will indicate when there are small leaks. They might not be dangerous but will undoubtedly be costly over time and detecting leaks will prevent you from running out of CO2 or N2 unexpectedly, with the loss of sales and revenue as a result.
Express deliveries of CO2 or N2 to keep the bar running can sometimes be more expensive than a complete LogiCO2 Safety System.