Acquaint yourself with the Mk9, the Smartest Safety System in the World.

Use the CO2 Risk Calculation tool

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How to connect additional Sensors to an existing LogiCO2 Safety System

This makes the LogiCO2 system


Quick and easy installation

With digital plug and play connections you save on installation cost as well as having a more secure installation.

Easily expandable

LogiCO2 Safety System can be expanded up to 12 sensors: When needed, Essential plug and play Add-on KITs can be added in order to fulfill local legislation.


The Central Unit, which can communcate in over 18 languages, has a display, describing what to do in different alarm situations

Automatic self calibration

LogiCO2 has a real automatic calibration algorithm. There is never a need to perform a calibration under normal conditions.

Altitude compensation

The system has built in altitude compensation as standard on all models.

Digital Communication

The digital RS-485 Modbus protocol used throughout the system simplifies installation and connection to other systems.