The Best CO2 Safety System

has just gotten even better!

LogiCO2 offers unrivalled CO2 Safety for Staff and Customers and at the same time minimizes your risk
of unexpectedly running out of CO2.

With the latest technology making it the most economical system onthe market today as well
as the easiest to install.

Read below for a short summary of the systems features:

Easily expandable

Up to 8 sensors can easily be connected (plug and play) to the Central Unit.

Self Calibrating

The sensors perform a self-calibration at regular intervals.
Under normal conditions the sensors do not need any expensive and complicated calibration service.


The Central Unit supports a very large number
of languages, and more are on the way. 

Digital Communication

No cable clutter!! All communication and signaling from
Sensor and Central Unit is managed through a Cat-5 cable. 

 Cost effective & easy to install

    The System is delivered pre-connected for easy testing and minimizing installation time.

Certified Installers

LogiCO2 has certified installation partners around the globe in order to maximize CO2 Safety for you. 

Learn more - watch our films

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