Art no: 1148

Central Unit Mk9

Art no: 1148

The Central Unit has a display that is used to monitor and control a CO2 Safety System with up to twelve sensors. The central unit is multi-lingual and it displays information text for all alarm and error conditions. It also displays the CO2 values of all connected CO2 sensors, indicating which sensor the value comes from. The central unit has an alarm memory that remembers and reactivates any alarm after a power interruption.

If the temperature alarm function is activated on a CO2 sensor (only Mk9), the current temperature at that CO2 sensor will be shown in the central unit’s display.

The CO2 Central Unit Mk9 KIT 4A is available in the following languages:
– Danish
– English
– Filipino
– Finnish
– French
– Hebrew
– Dutch / Netherlands
– Indonesian
– Italian
– Japanese
– Chinese Simplified
– Korean
– Norwegian
– Polish
– Portuguese
– Portuguese Brazilian
– Russian
– Spanish
– Swedish
– German

What is in the package?
CO2 Central Unit MK9 4A

Manuals & instructions
Other languages

Mk9 tutorial (English)

Mk9 tutorial (Spanish)

Mk9 tutorial (German)

Mk9 tutorial (French)

Mk9 tutorial (Chinese)