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How it works

The Carbon Dioxide concentration in a room depends on the VOLUME of the room and the amount of CO2 that is let into it. If there is a leak, the CO2 accumulates from the ground (because it is 1.5 times heavier than air). We have created a simple and easy tool to help assessing the risk of a CO2 leak.

Just fill in the floor area of the room in the calculator and the amount of the CO2 in Pounds or Kilos. We use 2.4 meters or 7feet 10 inches as a standard ceiling height. By doing this we calculate the volume. The potential CO2 concentration will be revealed by the calculator, helping you get a better understanding of the risk associated with the CO2 supply. For example, a 100-square foot basement with a small 20 pound CO2 tank is a lethal risk and the need for a proper CO2 safety system is a must!

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