New Products and Acessories

LogiCO2-Scout uses Bluetooth to
wirelessly communicate with smartphones. This allows the user to send the sensor
into the danger area and read the CO2
value from a safe distance.

LogiCO2-Scout is the easiest and
most economical portable CO2 sensor
on the market as it uses the smartphone
you already own! This makes the choice easy

when deciding which Personal CO2
detector to use.

The LogiCO2 developed smartphone app
is avaliable for both Android and IOS devices and is downloadable for free at Google playstore and iOS app-store.

The LogiCO2 O2 (Oxygen) Sensor has a low energy consuming FBO Oxygen Sensor.
The sensor is self- calibrating. Because of the non-depleting sensing principle the sensor has a lifespan of over 5 years.

The LogiCO2 O2-sensor communicates via Modbus RTU with the LogiCO2 Mk9 Central Unit and can be used either together with the different LogiCO2 CO2 sensors (Mk9 and Mk10) or as a stand alone unit.

The LogiCO2 O2-sensor is delivered
together with a Horn/Strobe
alarm device.

The LogiCO2 Fail-Safe shut-off valve is made for bulk CO2 containers. When you reach the Short Term Exposure Limit - The valve shuts off the CO2 flow, thus minimizing the risk of over exposure as well as saving the cost of losing the CO2.

The shut of valve is completely
compatible with existing LogiCO2
Safety Systems and is connected
directly to the system by
included CAT5 cable.

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