CO2 safety solutions from Logico2

The Logico2 CO2 Safety System is THE secure and easy way of insuring that personnel or clients don´t get exposed o hazardous levels of CO2. The system is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free. The system complies with all regulations and is manufactured in compliance with the German DIN norms in order to harmonize with future European Legislation.

Overview of LogiCO2 system

Central unit

Central Unit is the “brain” of the system. To this up to
4 CO2 sensors can be connected. It has a digital display
showing the readings of the sensors that are connected.

CO2 Sensor

The sensor is placed in areas that can be exposed by CO2.
The sensor has two individually programmable relays that
can activate remote warning beacons or ventilation.


The beacon is placed so that clients and personnel
can be easily informed about a CO2 alarm. It is based on a
xenon tube with good visibility even in bright sunlight.

Horn / strobe

CO2 Tank Volume Monitor

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