The risks with CO2

There is no reason why anyone should risk exposure to dangerous levels of CO2! For humans even a small increase of CO2 in the air is dangerous. Normal breathing air has an average CO2 percentage of just 0.04%. At 1,5 % CO2 content humans reacts by increased heart rate and at 4 % CO2 there is an Immediate Danger to Life and Health (IDLH). 

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Regulations of CO2

Many risk assessment analysis’s have been made with the same conclusion: with the human factor included, the isk for being exposed to harmful levels of CO2 equaling IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life and Health) is not acceptable in our modern society of today. It is because of this danger that many countries like Germany ,Holland , Belgium , England, Sweden and Denmark among others have set direct STEL ( Short Time Exposure Limits) values that are not allowed to be exceeded.

At the world's largest fast food chain, it is mandatory with CO2 Safety Systems in all of their 33 000 restaurants. In Germany and Holland they have also enforced laws that mandate CO2 Safety Systems where there is a risk of exposure to harmful levels of CO2. This as well as the EU COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 2006/15/EC, OSHA, the Australian Standard 5034-2005 and the recommendations from the ACGIH regarding both the Short Time Exposure Limit (STEL) as well the Time Weighted Average (TWA) limit of 5000 ppm all show that installing a CO2 Safety System that comply with these regulations is pure common sense and not doing it is nothing but irresponsible, towards both working staff as well as the customers.

What is CO2?

Carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2) is a naturally occurring gas that is invisible, odorless and 1,5 times heavier than Air. CO2 is produced by breathing, fires, cars, inaccurate mixing of detergents and fermentation (for example Wine and Beer).

What is CO2 used for?

CO2 is presently the fastest growing general used gas in the world, with a wide variety of applications ranging from refrigerant in cooling systems, balancing Ph in swimming pools, freezing food-stuff, industrial cleaning, Dry Cleaning (Dry Wash) and as an additive in food, carbonizing drinks and numerous other applications. 

A number of industrial applications use CO2 in its Super Critical form. But it is VERY important to also be aware that CO2 is also 
the preferred way of putting animals to "sleep" (normally at a 21 % CO2 level ) in the slaughter houses.

Risks with CO2

As CO2 is used more and more in different applications, people are, in their daily life, both at work and free time at risk of being exposed to CO2 levels that are above IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life and Health). For exmple at gas (petrol) stations, convenience stores or  fast food restaurants, where carbonated soft drinks are dispensed.

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